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Wood Beam Sizing BASIC, our introduction to structures, is available online. Quickly get a feel for load paths, deflection, shear and stress.

Immediately find out what works and what doesn't.

The BASIC modules have been completely revised and will run with most any personal computer or tablet.

Click here to start using Wood Beam Sizing online.

Click here to use Wood Beam Sizing extended Basic now.

The BASIC version includes calculation of snow, live and dead loads for headers and girders, rafters and joists, for light wood construction.

If you aren't comfortable yet with determining the load path, select the beam location and building width and the LOAD module will do the calculations.

Information included at the LOAD module.

At the BEAM module, select beam span and size, and Wood Beam Sizing does the rest.

Information included at the BEAM module.

  • Beam size, nominal and actual sizes
  • Beam span to the nearest inch
  • Actual deflection, plus live and total load deflections
  • Fiber stress and shear stress
  • Beam weight
  • Board feet of lumber required
  • Number of jack studs for bearing

There's much more.

The BASIC version with Help modules are online now.
Click here to start using Wood Beam Sizing now.

The Extended Basic version provides complete step by step calculations for your work, and provides complete pdf printout.

Click here to start using Wood Beam Sizing extended Basic now.


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