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Thanks for your interest...

Sold throughout the United States since 1994, our popular educational software for the construction industry is now available to run on any computer.

Use NorthBridge Software's custom xls modules on any personal computer: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Three easy steps...

  • Download the program
  • Work out calculation results on your own computer
  • Register to create pdf reports on the calculation details
Roof framing screen shot.



The new Framing Calculator modules are here now!  

Roof Designer 2011 is now available. Calculates roof slope and required rafter cutting layout with exact fascia and soffit dimensions. Plus code check on attic height and width...

Stair Designer 2011 is now available. Calculates stair riser and tread dimensions. Provides accurate stringer layout, with adjustments for floor finishes...

Foot-Inch Calculator 2011 is now available. Add and subtract decimal feet and inches and fractions. Plus instant metric conversions...


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