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Frequently Asked Questions

General information


Wood Beam Sizing Basic and extended Basic


Wood Beam Sizing Professional

General information

How can we contact NorthBridge Software with specific questions about the programs?
    Please check the help index first.   If you still have questions on how the program operates, you can contact us by email at

Please note however that we do not offer specific design advice about building construction.   If you have questions about the program results and your specfic problem, contact your local building inspector, architect or engineer.   top...

Is it safe to use Wood Beam Sizing over the internet?
    We only ask for minimal personal information, which will not be shared. If you pay for a subscription, you will be purchasing through NBS's independent third party providers, where your credit card information is handled by secure servers.  Please view their privacy policy before subscribing.

NorthBridge Software will never use your email address or other personal information for any purpose other than processing your subsciption or responding to your requests.   top...

I have a very old computer.   Will Wood Beam Sizing still run online?
    Wood Beam Sizing runs online on most any browser and on most any computer, tablet or cell phone.   Javascript must be enabled on the browser. If you are unable to run Wood Beam Sizing, please let us know.   top...

I have an older version of Wood Beam Sizing.   Can I give it to my friend?
    Please don't.   Framing Calculator and Wood Beam Sizing modules are the copyright property of NorthBridge Software Inc.   Currently, you can use the programs for free online. Older versions are out of date and contain uncorrected errors. Please give your friend just our website address. Thanks.   top...


Wood Beam Sizing Professional

What's the difference between the Basic version of Wood Beam Sizing and the complete Professional version?
    The Professional version includes information and calculations for wind and seismic forces, calculations for LVL's and wood I-joists, and sizing of light steel beams and concrete footings.   top...

When will the Professional version of WBS be available?   What should I do in the meantime?
    The Professional version of Wood Beam Sizing will be available soon.   The extended Basic version is now free online with pdf printouts of calculations.

     Click here to start using Wood Beam Sizing right now.   top...



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