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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Wood Beam Sizing XP version

Framing Calculator

How can we contact NorthBridge Software with specific questions about the programs?
    Please check the instruction manuals first.   If you still have questions on how the program operates, you can contact us by email by clicking here.

Please note however that we do not offer specific design advice about building construction.   If you have questions about the program results and your specfic problem, contact your local building inspector, architect or engineer.   top...

Is it safe to purchase Wood Beam Sizing over the internet?
    Very safe.   You will be purchasing through the Kagi store.   Kagi has been handling internet orders for over 20 years for thousands of online products.   Your credit card information is handled by secure servers.   You may view Kagi's privacy policy here.

NorthBridge Software will never use your email address or other personal information for any purpose other than processing your order.   top...

I've upgraded to Windows 7.   Will Wood Beam Sizing still run?
    At the present time, Wood Beam Sizing will not run under Windows Vista or certain Windows 7 versions but may run with XP mode.   Windows XP Mode is available for Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.   Information from Microsoft is here and here.

There are many variations of Windows 7, with differing security requirements, and Windows makes no guarantee that XP mode will work properly with all computers.

If you wish to try, install XP mode first.   AFTER you install XP mode and have it running, install Wood Beam Sizing.

We are currently upgrading Wood Beam Sizing to run on all personal computers.   top...

What's the difference between the Craftsman Book Company version of Wood Beam Sizing and the complete Professional version?
    The Professional version of Wood Beam Sizing allows printing of results and calculations, changes to the types of wood, plus calculations for LVL's and wood I-joists.   The Professional version also includes sizing of light steel beams and concrete footings, plus a complete step by step instructional manual.   top...

Wood Beam Sizing has been working, but suddenly stopped with the message, Error in program file.   What should I do?
    Wood Beam Sizing automatically saves your work when you exit the program.   If you have a power failure, or turn off the computer before Wood Beam Sizing is finished, or otherwise interrupt the program during this short file save, you might get this error message the next time you start the program.

If this happens, download the appropriate original program file: either the Basic module or the Professional module.   Unzip the file and copy to the directory in which Wood Beam Sizing is located, overwriting the damaged file.   top...

When I try to run Wood Beam Sizing, I get the error message Please reinstall program from original disk.   What should I do?
    Wood Beam Sizing must be installed on the c:\ drive with a folder name a maximum of 8 characters.   The software is not intended to be used on a network or on any other than the c:\ drive of one personal computer.

  • C:\ Drive Installation : Download our software directly onto the C:\ drive of your computer, usually onto the desktop.
  • Downloading to a network drive or other drive location will not work.
  • On the desktop, locate the file wbs_pro.exe, Right click and select Properties.   The correct file size should be 5.46 MB.
  • Repeat the download process if the file size is incorrect.
  • Once you have downloaded wbs_pro.exe, double click on this file, which must be located on the C:\ drive, and follow the installation instructions.
  • top...

I've found the free Framing Calculator program useful.   Can I give it to my friend?
    Please don't.   Framing Calculator is the copyright property of NorthBridge Software Inc.   Although you can download the program for free, please give your friend just the website address, and they can download all the modules directly.   top...



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