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You can download our Foot-Inch Calculator module and useful Roof and Stair Designer calculators for free. The 2011 xls modules have been completely rewritten and expanded.

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Roof Designer

The Roof Designer module calculates code compliant attic sizes, plus exact fascia and soffit dimensions. Accurate rafter cutout dimensions are shown on the layout screen or have your results immediately emailed to you in ready-to-print pdf form.

Screen shot of the Roof Designer module.


Get all the detail dimensions right the first time...

Screen shot of the Roof Designer module.


Stair Designer

The Stair Designer module figures out stair tread and riser dimensions, including corrections for floor finish thickness. Here's a typical stringer layout. Adjust floor to floor height, number of risers, riser height, or tread width. Enter floor finishes for precise rough framing.

Stair detail.


Cutting layout and all dimensions based on board width are calculated.

Screen shot of the Stair Designer module.

Foot-Inch Calculator

The Foot-Inch Calculator module adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides feet and inches and converts to decimal feet, decimal inches and metric measurements.

Screen shot of the Foot-Inch Calculator module.

Plus instant area or volume calculations. Register online to have pdf record reports immediately emailed to you.

Screen shot of the Volume Report.


Framing Calculator 2011 xls modules will run on most any personal computer: Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

Download Framing Calculator now


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